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Prosecutorial Misconduct

Civil Rights Lawyers Represent Victims of Prosecutorial Misconduct

Florida attorneys hold the state accountable for violating your rights

The role of the prosecutor’s or the district attorney’s office is to impartially bring cases against defendants when there is adequate evidence of a crime. They are supposed to use the evidence supplied by police to determine what charges are appropriate and bring those charges in court. Prosecutors are supposed to work with law enforcement, but not for them. Their goal should never be to convict as many people as possible, but rather to handle all cases fairly and make sure everyone receives due process. Because prosecutors hold a tremendous amount of power, corruption or misconduct can put your freedom or your life at risk. At McCall | Atten, International we stand up to prosecutors, police and the criminal justice system to protect your rights.

Understanding misconduct by the prosecutor’s office

District attorneys and prosecutors represent the side of “the state” in criminal cases. “The state” can refer to either Florida or the United States, depending on whether your case is in state or federal court. In all criminal proceedings, the state must prove a defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If prosecutors do not have enough evidence to meet this burden, they should drop the charges or wait for the police to uncover more evidence. Corrupt prosecutors overcome this hurdle by falsifying evidence or using other methods to violate your rights. Common rights violations by criminal prosecutors include:

  • Coercing defendants into giving false confessions
  • Working with police to present untrue testimony
  • Failing to disclose exculpatory evidence that could show your innocence
  • The use of tainted or unlawfully obtained evidence
  • Using informants to elicit information from defendants who are represented by an attorney

Whether this conduct is the result of policy, bribery or overzealousness, we stand up for your rights and seek to hold the responsible parties accountable. Our attorneys represent the public whenever their rights are violated by police or prosecutors.

Contact attorneys who stand up to prosecutors to get you justice

If you are the victim of prosecutorial misconduct, seek the advice of a lawyer at McCall | Atten, International. We look forward to helping you pursue a civil rights claim in order to secure your freedom and hold the state accountable for its actions. Contact us at 305-260-6329 or online to schedule a consultation.

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Joey M. McCall, Esq
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Joey M. McCall, Esq. is the founding Principal and Managing Partner of McCall | Atten, International, PLLC. Mr. McCall continuously strives to resolve all conflicts for his private clients in the most optimal and effective manner.

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Lincoln L. Atten, Esq

Lincoln L. Atten, Esq. is a Partner at McCall Atten, International, PLLC. With experience in Family Law, Civil Litigation, Corporate and Commercial Transactions, Real Estate Law and Criminal Defense, Mr. Atten provides a wide variety of services to accommodate his clients in a full-service fashion. Today, Mr. Atten resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where he…

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